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Using Dolby Atmos Production Suite For Online ads/content


I can't seem to find the answer on this forum, but can the Dolby Atmos Production Suite be used to create a mix for online ads/content? 

I know that when it comes to features or Blu Ray releases you need the actual hardware and Dolby certification.

Now as more portable devices such as phones are able to decode Atmos, am I able to use the production suite as a complete solution?



You can create an Atmos mix for whatever type of content you want to :)   It is the encoding, packaging, and delivery/playback that would be the question.   

Atmos master files can be encoded to Dolby TrueHD for Blu-Ray or Dolby Digital Plus JOC for online/streaming delivery.   Dolby Digital Plus JOC is then muxed with video into .mp4 file  format containers and "chunked" or "fragmented" for delivery using different protocols such as Apple's HLS or MPEG-DASH depending on the service and playback device.   

The Dolby Atmos Production Suite v3.3 can use a master file to export .mp4 directly with black video and Dolby Digital Plus for "side loaded" playback on consumer devices but streaming to one requires a hosting infrastructure and depending on the device, perhaps custom player applications.

There are commandline-based opensource tools Dolby has provided on for demuxing and remuxing mp4 files with alternate video files.    If more control of the Dolby Digital Plus encoding process is required you would need to purchase Dolby Media Producer Suite.

So again it is not the content creation that would be an issue but the encoding, packaging and delivery to mobile devices.   This would likely be handled by various operators and content aggregators and the deliverable would depend on their specifications.

We anticipate that this will be the norm at some point.

So if I get this right, I could simply use the main .atmos file (not the, atmos.dbmd or .atmos.metadata) with the Dolby Media Producer Suite to encode to Dolby Digital Plus JOC and then use something like Apple Compressor or Ffworks to merge the video and audio?

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