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Is it possible to set up Dolby Atmos Renderer using a normal version of Pro Tools 2019?

I have a simple question about setting up the Dolby Atmos Renderer and Pro Tools. 

Does not the Dolby Atmos Renderer support a normal version of Pro Tools 2019 (not Pro Tools Ultimate)?

It does not mention this software only support the Pro Tools Ultimate on this website ( and documentation (, but it seems it cannot use without Pro Tools Ultimate.

Recently I bought this software and tried to set up, however, I could not have done the communication setup because a normal version of pro tools did not show up the Atmos tab on peripherals setting window.



Hi Rai,

That is correct.  Pro Tools Ultimate is required to communicate with the Renderer.   Pro Tools Ultimate is listed in our documentation as required in section 3.1 of the release notes and 4.1.1 of the Renderer Guide.   Also on the Avid main site  but you are correct that it isn't called out on the Avid Markets place plug in page

I'll inquire if this can be brought to their attention and modified to avoid any future confusion.


Adam @ Dolby

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Hello Rai,

Please contact me directly and I'll be able to help you with this.

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your reply.
How to contact you directly?
My email address is so could you email me if it is not too much trouble?

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