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Dolby Audio Bridge-Dante Output question

 I'm able to select Dante Virtual Soundcard as an output for the Dolby Renderer.  I would like to use DVS as my output which would enable me to patch my laptop into my Atmos monitor system.  I noticed that DVS doesn't function as an output.  Are there any plans to make this functional in the future.

Thanks Dolby people,


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Hi Craig,

If you select DVS as the core audio output for the renderer you should be able to get audio to any Dante capable monitoring system directly of via a converter if needed.   I use this functionality without issue routing the DVS to my monitoring systems with the Audinate Dante Controller.    Let me know if I'm missing understanding this but this should already be functional if it selectable from the Renderer.    One thing though.  If you are using Mojave you will need to give DVS access to the microphone in System Preferences.   Otherwise it won't pass audio.


Adam @ Dolby

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