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5.1.2 Production Suite Editorial workflow

I'm a freelance sound editor who's been dabbling with the production suite from home.  I've only been able to monitor 5.1 and stereo re-render returns.  My question is this:  Does it make sense to to set up a simple 5.1.2 space to premix and cut in an Atmos template to then transfer to a proper 7.1.4 stage for final mix?  I have limited space but am curious if this idea is worth the effort/time and if there is a downmix/re-render monitoring setup that would allow for a 5.1.2 array.  I get the sense a lot of home systems might be set up in this configuration.



Hi Mike,

You can set up 5.1.2 for monitoring within the Production Suite in the Room Setup page.   Enable Ltm/Rtm in the Speaker Setup tab and then create a 5.1.2 monitoring layout in the Monitoring tab with L,R,C,LFE,Ls,Rs,Ltm,Rtm selected.  It will then be available as a choice in the Monitoring drop down menu from the main Renderer window.

There is not currently a dedicated 5.1.2 re-render but this is planned for the next release.

If 5.1.2 is feasible in your space than I think it would be of benefit to install  Ltm/Rtm speakers.  Having two overhead speakers would certainly be more representative of what your Atmos mix will sound like when transferred to a 7.1.4 stage than not having them.

You could also potentially use an existing 7.1 monitor controller (or the attenuation/mutes within the application).


Adam @ Dolby

Thanks Adam.  That info helps quite a bit!

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