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Feature requests 2020

Hey guys, with 2020 now being a reality, let's see what we can get better on the HT Atmos workflow.

I'll start:

  • PLEASE give us custom adjustable TruPeak-limiters on the ReRender-Outputs!
  • Please a graphical way to trim the Atmos master files to ensure perfect lip sync! If that is not an option, include sub-frame adjustability to the conversion tool.
  • PLEASE bring back the VR functionality!!!!!! I know that the business model for it is difficult, but for a facility to consider moving to AC-4, it's important to be able to have the whole package (HDR, immersive audio, spatial audio) being covered. (Hint, hint).
  • Please offer a way to mux an AADM WAV file to a MOV container (or similar). Currently storing Atmos assets in a big MAM is a PITA.
  • Anything else?

Sebastian from Red Bull.

Hi Sebastian,

Happy New Year!   Thanks for the feedback.   A few of these have been voiced by a number of folks.   Others are new.   I will pass these along to the product managers.   Can you elaborate on the ask to store ADM .wav in a container vs elementary asset?



Hi Adam,

happy New Year to you as well. Yes, I am in conversation with other folks at bigger companies who have similar requests. Maybe they will join the discussion here.

As for the MAM-issue, our workflow for asset storage is that we store a 'master file' which in our case mostly is a ProRes422HQ with 20 audio channels from which all distribution files are generated on demand. If the audio part is stored separately from the video essence a whole can of worms can (and does) explode. Multiple UIDs for the same program, immersive audio getting lost or content managers not being aware that there actually IS an immersive mix, missing links between the essences, wrong metadata etc. etc.

Did I already mention to PLEASE bring back the VR functionality? :)

Hi Sebastian,

Do you anticipate the use of IMF or just MXF in your MAM in the future or do you foresee the ongoing use QT (.mov)?   The Renderer can output IAB.mxf and there are mastering tools coming on the market that will be able to master to IMF and MXF.

Yup you did :).  



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