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Atmos Production Suite (Trial) Compatability

I recently tried downloading the trial of the Production suite to see if it would be viable for a senior project I am doing for my undergrad studies. However, I ran into the error that my Mac OS version is 'too new' to install the trial. On Avid's site the specifications state that only OS 10.11 or later is needed, but the computer I am using has Pro Tools Ultimate and is running OS 10.14. I wasn't sure if it was because I am using an IMac pro since Dolby's site shows that only macbooks seem capable of running the program, but I don't understand why a laptop would be more capable of handling this program than a desktop would be. If there is no way to install the program given the specs of the computer in the attached picture, what other programs would be viable for a VR video/music application?

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HI Ryan, Did this get solved? Do you have a screen grab of the error message? There's no reason it shouldn't run on your OS.

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