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Protools 2019.12 and Dolby Audio Bridge 32 tracks only

I can not seem to get above the Old limit of 32 pathways between PT and DAPS using the Dolby Audio bridge.

Understand I should be able to get the entire 130 as of 2019.10. I went straight to 2019.12 and skipped 2019.10

Running High Sierra

32G ram

6core i7 6800k

Avid HDX

PT ultimate 2019.12


Wow you're right, I just changed to LOCALHOST and sure enough it reduces it to 32 Channels. I'll check with AVID if this is intentional. Thanks for the solution.

super strange. it's only with "LOCALHOST". 

"localhost" works just fine here. 

Looks an awful lot like a bug, great catch Richard. 

Hey guys, thanks for being so responsive.  We were looking in all the right places.  I guess this means that sometimes you should look in the "wrong" places.  I've just loaded a large session and now I have all of my objects back.

Who would have guessed that randomly clicking things would work out?

Happy that my question has helped others.

and I agree with the question - why would that simple reference limit the data to 32 tracks? it would seem to be simply an ip address.

Have fun mixing everyone


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