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Protools 2019.12 and Dolby Audio Bridge 32 tracks only

I can not seem to get above the Old limit of 32 pathways between PT and DAPS using the Dolby Audio bridge.

Understand I should be able to get the entire 130 as of 2019.10. I went straight to 2019.12 and skipped 2019.10

Running High Sierra

32G ram

6core i7 6800k

Avid HDX

PT ultimate 2019.12


I've reported this on the Avid developer forum.

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Hi Richard.  I've come to the same conclusion in another thread on this forum.  It also appears that--even if you purchase a DigiLink license--you can only get to 64 objects unless you purchase HDX cards.  I don't know if this is intentional on the part of Avid.

I'm confused by this, I run Pro Tools 2019.12 and Renderer 3.3 on my Mac Book Pro and with the templates and I/O config I have no problem getting 128 objects and an LTC track (on channel 129) from Pro Tools to the Renderer.


Please clarify your configuration. I am able to get 128 channels using DAPS on non HDX to the renderer. 


by the way, that mix sounds awesome :)

Hi Ceri,

Fancy meeting you here.  I've attached a screen grab.  You can see that I've got signal generators on 31-32 and 33-34.  Protools shows signal in both.  But the renderer doesn't see the input from the second pair.  I can drag the signal generator from track to track.  Always works in obj 32 and below.  Doesn't work above 32.  I created the session off the Dolby template.

And Fin, your MacBook mix was with the Bridge?  I've had no trouble with lots of objects using Send/Return.

And FWIW, driver and Rednet settings...

(66.5 KB)

could you check that your IO Setup -> Bus page has all the objects mapped correctly? Sounds like Objects 11-32 might be connected to the renderer but 33+ are not. 

Here's the Bus Page and the Output Page

(137 KB)
Bus Page.png
(152 KB)

I also knocked the Renderer and Session down to 24FPS, but it made no difference.

Hi Everyone

Problem Solved

Thanks for the help

the problem was metadata. I simply reset the ethernet ip address in the peripherals dialog and voila all objects are now working.

I had manually typed in LOCALHOST. when I used the dropdown menu instead it suggested (my computer).local

thanks for the assistance


@Richard great news! @Michael very much with the Bridge.

Dang Richard.  You're a genius!  Worked for me too.  Sometime back, I'd typed in LOCALHOST.  I played with the dropdown and found cheesegrater.local.  That seems to work.  But why in the world would even 32 channels have worked before?

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