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HD Native playback missed order

Hi, I'm trying to remix a 7.1 short movie into Atmos using Dolby Atmos Renderer. I'm using my Dolby Audio Bridge in Protools and HD Native as output device connected to my Avid HD Omni (7.1) and Avid 192 I/O for top ceiling speakers. I'm using SMPTE surround order in my 7.1 session (L-R-C-LFE-LSS-RSS-LSR-RSR), I/O output match HD Omni D25 output (1-8). Once I switch to Dolby Audio Bridge in PT and monitor via HD Native it swap my channels, although I check with signal generator and signal coming ok on every single channel in Dolby Atmos Renderer (1-10), HD Native outputs wrong on my D25. Right channel (2) outputs on D25 channel 3  (Center speaker), Center outputs on channel 2 (Right Front speaker), LFE outputs on chn 5, LSS outputs on D25 chn 6, RSS on D25 chan 7, LSR on D25 chn 8, RSR on D25 chn 4 (LFE speaker). It seems like it works as Pro Tools standard Film mode   

(L-C-R_LS-RS-LSR-RSR-LFE). Anyone with this issue?


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I forgot you have Routing tab in Room setup window to deal with this matters.

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