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Does Dolby Access app in Windows 10 apply any EQ?

I see in the Dolby Access app under settings that it applies some equalization to the sound as well. How does this affect stereo content? If i off performance mode and select any of the modes under Equalizer it changes the sound i think when i play Spotify. So is the recommended option to turn it off if you are playing games that is only stereo content as the EQ may affect the sound?


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Hi Johnny,

The forum you have posted to is meant for questions regarding the Dolby Atmos Production Suite software.

For questions regarding Dolby Access please review the knowledge base articles here:

or use the “feedback” button in the Access app that will open a contact form.   This will create a support ticket with folks dedicated to Dolby Access who are better placed to answer your question and any followup questions you may have.





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