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Punch In/Out to virgin timecodes

It would be really great to be able to record to non-continuous timecodes. IE if I have 3 minutes of audio at 01:00:00:00, and then 5 minutes of audio at 01:15:00:00, I shouldn't have to record the 12 minutes of silence in between. I know that I can punch in/out to timecodes that have already been recorded, but I'd love a solution that allows the user to jump to new timecodes

One logical development avenue would be to allow the user to define the FFOA and LFOA when creating the master file - DAPS could then create a timeline with silence from beginning to end so that the user can then freely punch in and out in between

 Hi James,

Interesting idea.   But you can always record separate masters at the different timecodes and then stitch them together adding the silence that is needed in the Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool.   For now this requires the use of .xml file but a UI version is in the works that will make this intuitive.



Thanks for your reply Adam - I haven't used the Conversion Tool before - I've just downloaded it to take a look.

In truth my usage scenario is probably not 'typical' in terms of how the software was designed - I'm doing sound design for features and do so in Atmos so that material is presented as best as possible to the mix stage, requiring as little effort as possible on the mixer's behalf. Sometimes the mixer is me, sometimes not - but the idea is to do as much spacial preparation/panning as possible in the edit room so that the mixer can focus on the 'big picture' stuff, rather than the small details.

To that end, I do not use DAPS as a final delivery tool, but primarily for monitoring. Of course, I regularly need to export material to pass on to other departments (sound supervisor, editorial, temp mixes, other sound editors, etc), and for this reason DAPS and its re-rendering is fantastic - each department invariably wants material in different formats/widths, and DAPS makes all this really easy to manage.

The reason for the initial feature request is because I'm only working on specific points in the film, often with large spaces in between - and so really what I'm asking for is a time effective way to record out material to pass on to others. Although I haven't tried it yet, my hesitation with the Conversion tool is that it will still require extra time to get to the end result

Hopefully you find this helpful ;)

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