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Using the Stitch function in 1.9 for Mac to trim/pad

I'm using Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool to add a second to an atmos .wav but no matter what I do from the manual, either nothing changes or it adds eight seconds to the file. 

I attempted a stitch of a one second silent file to the head, but it won't let me load the .xml, even when I use the same time parameters as provided in the manual. (I literally copy and pasted and only changed the file locations). 

I also need to add two seconds of silence to the tail, but I'm just trying to figure out the mathematical logic involved. 

I think the FFOA auto calculating is possibly an issue, but it won't let me zero it out.

Any advice is helpful, thanks.


Hello Elizabeth! 

When the Stich.xml file can´t be opened, it means something in the syntax of the file is wrong.

If you just copy pasted it from the template, I could imagine an issue with the file-path, since that is the only thing you will moste likeley have changed.

You can try a relative file path: When the stich file in the same folder as the source file, you only need to enter the file name in the <path> section, instead of the full path. This might help.

Regarding the syntax for adding one second of silence to the beginning of a file: Say, your file starts at 01:00:00:00. Then you need to set:

<sourceStart> 00:59:59:00

<outputStart> 01:00:00:00

-- this will add one second of silence to the beginning of the file. The output file will start at 01:00:00:00, but now with one second of silence oin the beginning, and all subsequent content within the file is shifted by that one seocnd.

Is this what you´re looking for?

Best wishes,


HI Elizabeth,

I have created some examples here:

These might provide better examples to copy from rather than the examples in the manual.   Also if you want to copy/paste the text from the xml to this post we can take a look.   Just make sure we know the framerate/duration of the file you are working with.

We are getting close to releasing a version with a UI that will make these xml issue go away!   Make sure you opted in for notification of new releases in the download page.



Thanks so much for responding David and Adam.

Turns out the file (which is a hand-me-down) started at 8 seconds, so no wonder my math was off. Once I adjusted for that, everything worked just fine. 

I still need to dig in more as to why I couldn't get the stitching to work (the file path locations were all correct). It's likely my math was just incorrect there too.

Thanks Adam also for the examples! Bookmarked for the next one...

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