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Dolby LTC Generator -- should I print it

I know I'm down in the weeds with this question. The Dolby LTC Generator is a handy thing to have around. I suppose it's smart enough to get the session configuration in order to spit out the proper code.  Let's assume I've got an available voice and have my project on solid state memory. Is there an efficiency advantage to printing the timecode to a track?  Or is it lightweight enough that I should keep running in real time?

Thanks much.  Good points all.

Chapter 13.4 in the Renderer Guide deals with the TLC plugin. If you are running the Renderer on a separate machine then do check out 13.4.6 as it details how to adjust for timecode latency introduced when using a different A/D converter to insert LTC into the audio path. As a side note, if you are running in-the-box you should double check the LTC over audio offset is set to zero, just to be sure.

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Thanks Fin,

I'm surprised that there's almost nothing said about it in either Pro Tools or Dolby documentation. I go back to the days that a change in format was a major, major problem for automation systems. If you're cutting to picture, it still is in many ways. But for audio only, it looks like a simple matter of changing in the project and in the renderer.

Hi Michael, 

You are correct, the LTC plugin takes the settings from Pro Tools TC1 setting and generates its output in accordance with that. It is very lightweight and I'm pretty sure they would be no efficiency gained in printing. Especially considering it may introduce errors from mistakenly editing or moving the audio.

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