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Dolby Atmos Send And Return Plugins Missing

Hi all,

I am new to the forum, so please let me know if this topic has already been broached. I very well could have missed it in my research.

I just downloaded the Dolby Atmos Production Suite and have had some solid success with integrating the workflow with Pro Tools so far. I was able to get the renderer linked with my Pro Tools workstation using the Dolby Audio Bridge setup. \

However, as I was reading through the documentation Dolby provided, I noticed there was another workflow option using the send/return plugins instead of the Audio Bridge. Being curious about the practical differences I tried to set this up and test it. However, after I made it through all of the preferences in the renderer and set up the I/O in Pro Tools I noticed that the plugins weren't installed in Pro Tools. 

I am not sure why this is the case considering all of the other components of the Production Suite were installed properly. When I first tried to install the Production Suite, it didn't work, but I found that it was because Mac OS was blocking an application from an unidentified developer. So when I went to install it a second time, I opened the Security and Privacy preferences and forced the install. It looked as though this process was successful because it looked like everything installed. However, now I know that's not the case because of the missing plugins. I ran the installer again to see if Mac OS was blocking anything else like the plugins again, but everything looked to run smoothly. Can anyone think of why these plugins aren't installed after installing the production suite? 

Thanks so much!


Hi Vincent and welcome to the forum.

I think send/return plug ins are HDX only. If you have native system you are much better without it as you have delay compensation on all plug ins. Send/return workflow was designed to work with external RMU on another machine and it will take care of DC as well.

cheers, Nenad

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Hi Vincent,

The send/return plugins are installed during Production Suite installation.  The Dolby Audio Bridge extension gets blocked during installation but you have already got past that.

In Pro Tools the plugins should be in "soundfield" as Dolby Renderer Return (mono) and Dolby Renderer Send (mono).    In finder they are in Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-ins.   I don't know why they would wind up in Plug-Ins (Unused) but please check.

Once you find these have a look at the supplied templates.   The Send/Return architecture allows you to record re-renders directly back into Pro Tools and use your HDX cards for DSP rather than running plug-ins in native.   However the Send/Return architecture is upstream from automatic delay compensation.

Best, Adam

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Thank you both for this information! It was extremely helpful. I now see the send and return plugins in my Pro Tools session. It wasn't that the plugins were in the unused folder. It was that the plugins were sorted by section and they needed to be sorted by category and manufacturer. Nevertheless thank you for the tip Adam because that led me to find this answer in my research!

Thank you both also for the note on delay compensation. I figured that the Audio Bridge would be my best bet, but I wanted to work with both workflows to gain a better understanding of each. I am a learn by getting my hands on it kind of person. 

I do have one last question regarding the Audio Bridge configuration though. While I did get the Audio Bridge setup working properly, it seemed as though I was only able to see levels in Pro Tools for my seven surround channels and not my two overhead channels. These levels were coming through on the Dolby renderer meters and the sound was being output to my overhead monitors, but the levels weren't showing up on my meters in Pro Tools. This of course was only the case when I was using objects not beds. When using beds to output my overhead tracks the levels showed on the Pro Tools meter. So my question is: is there a way to monitor these levels within Pro Tools when using objects? This was one of the other reasons I was exploring the send and return plugins to see if that made any difference.

Thanks again! I really appreciate the information provided.


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