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DAB w/ HDN LTC / Aggregate Device

Greetings. Until this week I had been running the Local Renderer 3.4 w/ Dolby Audio Bridge from PT and out an HDN PCIe. Using the LCT timecode plugin on channel 129.

After watching a video, I saw that creating a Aggregate Device w/ the HDN and Dolby Audio Bridge, with the Dolby Audio bridge first and Drift Correction selected for DAB and now selecting DAB as hardware for Pro Tools, Aggregate Device as input for the Local Renderer and HD Native as output, signal seems to be working, but CPU usage seems higher and today can't get any audio passing into the Local Renderer.

Should I NOT have created the aggregate device for my setup?

Hi Korey,

Use an aggregate device will increase the CPU usage.   Whether or not it is too high depends on the hardware and how much load is on the system.   An increased CPU load in itself shouldn't be that alarming if the overall level is reasonable.

Our guidance is to use aggregate inputs/outputs if there are audible artifacts.  If you weren't having any issues than there is really no need to go this route.

Re: no audio passing to the Renderer please check that no master files are loaded.   If not please toggle the input device in preferences and let us know if this persists.



Thanks, Adam, I was not previously having issues before implementing the aggregate. I may go without for now and re-visit if I notice artefacting.

The audio stopped passing after a PT Beta update. I re-installed the renderer and PT and all is working again. Chalk it up to a fluke for now. Will be on an ATMOS project all next week, so will report back if I see stability issues.


And.. am I'm sure you already know.   It is advisable to turn off re-render processing during mastering as well as either speaker or headphone processing (which ever is not being used).   This will reduce CPU usage.



Yes, have re-renders and HP off. If I wanted to do a clean install of the DAB, what is the best process for uninstalling it? Just running the installer again? 

Before messing with the aggregate i/o implementation I had been working on a project with no issue - after that and the PT update the Renderer is between 80%-100%, where it was hanging around 30% before. Also new issue is getting automation is too dense errors in PT which I did not have before in the same project. Luckily there is no time crunch so will continue to tinker with setting all around.

Deleted Aggregate Device, re-installed the renderer and DAB, restarted and performance is back to what I had last week, around 40-50% system usage between PT, Renderer and Eucontrol. The Automation is too dense error also went away, so issue was not related to the latest PT build. Thanks again for clarifying when to use the Aggregate.

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