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Do I need to buy the whole RMU suite includes Dell server?

Hi,I want to render atmos file use nurendo and RMU on pc.Do I also need to buy the Dell server?I think it will be really expensive for me.

If you want to use Steinberg Nuendo on a PC you will need to run the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite on a separate Rendering and Mastering Workstation.   There are three basic configurations of Rendering and Mastering Workstations that can run the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite.   These are:

- Dell 7920 with RME MADI I/O

- Dell 7920 with Focusrite Dante I/O

- approved Apple MacMini and MacPro Solutions with Focusrite Dante I/O

All three configurations are available from Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite authorized resellers and will be supplied as fully configured/tested systems.

The list of resellers is here:

If you want to run Nuendo on a Mac you have the choice of using the Mastering Suite with the above configurations and also running the Dolby Atmos Production Suite locally on the same Mac.

Hope this helps.



Hi Adam,

IF I run Nuendo on a PC, and I have Mac-mini for the Renderer. IO is through Dante (lynx).

1. Can I make a connection between the computers? any paper  on how to do it?

2. Can I use on the Mac-mini The Productions suite and/or Mastering suite?




You cannot use the Production Suite for work on an external CPU.

See the Nuendo documentation on using Nuendo with the Atmos Mastering Suite running on a Rendering and Mastering Workstation:

The routing to the your Dante interface and onto the Mastering Suite running on a Rendering and Mastering Workstation is done in the Nuendo Audio Connections window:

The VST multipanner sets up communication with the Mastering Suite running on a Rendering and Mastering Workstation:

See the Mastering Suite Release notes for the types of workstations that can be used with the Mastering Suite.

The Mac configurations all require the Focusrite PCIeR card.   Note:  all Rendering and Mastering Workstations running the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite are purchased as fully configured and tested systems via an authorized Dolby dealer.



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