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Sir... I am institutional level content creator and would like to produce music in dolby atmos..Till now I have delivered my mixes on pro tools first then later switched to adobe premier pro for surround sound deliverables....and for all that I have a single win 10 pc both for producing and monitoring. I now upgraded to pro tools ultimate to produce music in dolby atmos but I came to know that it requires a rmu or dolby atmos production suite for the music panner to work in pro tools and is only possible on MacOs . But I don’t have mac pc with is there any way still I can produce music  in dolby atmos using win 10 other DAWs support it without any mac (only) plugins...I have still premier pro as a second hand tool but still its vst plugins are mac versions...Sir I need win 10 version panner plugins to mix in dolby atmos.

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Pro Tools Ultimate on PC can work with the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite running on an external CPU but you would only be able to use the native Pro Tools panner and not the dedicated Dolby Atmos Music Panner.   The Production Suite is not available on PC as there no equivalent of the Dolby Audio Bridge using Core Audio on MacOS.

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