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Muxing to video is a mess

Hi guys,

I'm already in conversation with some of you (Tobi H. mostly).

Trying to get videos which are recognized as Dolby Atmos on ALL devices (including Apple speaker virtualization and AirPlay) and going crazy over it.

Muxing from the Mastering Suite (select own video instead of black) would be the no-brainer. Not possible.

Muxing with ffmpeg or Vantage? Resulting MP4s work great on an LG television and soundbar, but not via Airplay (in that case only seen as 'Dolby Audio', but MediaInfo still says 'EAC3+JOC).

The workflow with the Dolby demuxer and muxer that's mentioned in the FAQ? Sorry, this is so convoluted that this is not workable in production use.

Muxing one video with the DEE? Complete overkill.

Can you please have a simple solution that just works for this? Just make it possible to select a custom video directly in the mastering suite, or have a small GUI for the DEE for simple one-off encoding/muxing needs.



This is a pain point that is being looked into. In the meantime I have heard that some people are using Shutter Encode, which may have the features you are looking for.

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Hello Fin,

great that this is being looked into. 

Deploying a third-party freeware tool that 'may' support the features is of course not a solution that can be implemented in a professional enterprise environment. My tech department would just 'give me the look' if I'd mention that this would be the official Dolby recommendation. :-)

Hi Sebastian, I fully understand, and yes, mine was not an official Dolby response but rather a method I have heard from the field that may avoid having to to do the rather convoluted (as you rightly point out) method on the FAQ page. Designing a better solution for this is a priority for us at the moment. 

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