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Rednet PCIeR and Renderer



I have an issue with the focusrite pcie-r card and the renderer in my RMU.


As far I can see, I`m working with an homologued set up:


Mac pro 6 2013 6 core


32g ram


Mac os Mojave


Sonnet Echo Express Se 1 TB2 


Focusrite Pcie-r Dante 


All drivers, os and renderer up-to-date


rednet 2.44


render. 3.4


osx 10.14.6.





Issue: every time I need to reboot the system (or power up from a shutdown) the Renderer does not recognize the PCIeR Card. The OS system, the rednet software and the dante controller do. 




I was not totally able to find the solution. I try few things:


- restart the computer several times changing the thunderbolt bus in the mac 


- re-install the rednet driver 




I used to have this issue in the previous OS X.


Mic access permission was enabled.




Usually after several attempts  the dolby renderer starts to "see" the card and then works fine. 


It consumes time and imposes a not reliable working environment. 




I would take a guess that you're running a TB3 to TB2 cable from your chassis to your Mac Pro, would I be correct?

If so, this is a very well known issue with the Focusrite card and the chassis.

TB2 to TB2 Cable.

The chassis is TB2 and also the Mac.

No adaptors. Original Sonnet Cable. 

Pictures taken right after the system boot. 

Cable plugged to the leftmost top thunderbolt port of Mac. 

Hey Ricardo,

Thanks for the screenshots.

From the information in them it looks like the Focusrite card is showing up via ethernet, but not via thunderbolt.

Since this device is not showing up in Audio Midi Setup or the Renderer, the issue is most likely the result of the thunderbolt connection to the Mac Pro.

Can you try redistributing your thunderbolt devices across the thunderbolt buses? See this link for a description of thunderbolt buses on the Mac Pro:

You may also want to try disconnecting all but your primary display, and ensure that you are not daisy-chaining any thunderbolt devices.

It may also be an issue with the interaction between the Focusrite card, the Sonnet Chassis, and the Mac Pro. Have you reached out to Focusrite about the issue?


Hi B. Thanks for the reply.

I'm aware of that bussing structure. 

That was my usual troubleshooting, change the bus port following that scheme until the card shows up... but it is a random method. I never found any relationship with any particular bus. I only access this computer via shared screen, so there is nothing else connect either to the tb busses or to the HDMI port. 

Now It reappear but I have removed and re-installed the RedNet and the Renderer. 

I try to contact Focusrite once, but never get any response.  

I will try to follow up with them

Hey Ricardo,

Thanks for verifying. In doing some research, it seems like this is a known issue with certain chassis models:

It looks like your chassis is on the supported models list, but it seems that your error is similar to the error that the problematic chassis models are having, which means Focusrite/Sonnet may need to reevaluate that list. You can reference the linked support article when you contact Focusrite support.

Let me know if you run into any further issues.


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