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Record Master file is stop

Nuendo 10.3

Dolby Atmos Renderer 3.4

Master file recording stops after 25-26 minutes.  

 ERROR RendererExecutive - Audio device underrun
 ERROR AudioEngine - TC discontinuity. Expected: 245555484 actual: 245555996

I use  LTC over audio sync and SMTG Generator, as described here

MTC sync is don't work, Renderer not start record.

I tried it 6-7 times, for ssd, hdd. Placed ASIO driver buffer 1024 in Dolby Bridge. Nothing helps. I ask the Dolby specialists for help.

Thanks for your reply. I tried different settings, including the Dolby Audio Bridge as part of an aggregate deviceNothing helps.

I solved the problem through MTС sync. The atmos file is now writing as expected. Thanks.


What external hardware are you using for monitoring? Have you tried setting up the Dolby Audio Bridge as part of an aggregate device? The workflow is detailed in chapter 10 of the docs.

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