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Home Theater Trying to Implement Atmos Mixing

Hello, I am trying to get into Atmos mixing at my home to familiarize myself before implementing it at my commercial studio.  I purchased a Mac Mini 2018, Pro Tools Ultimate and the Production Suite.  I have a Yamaha Aventage 3080 Receiver and a tuned room.  Is it possible to monitor via hdmi by sending an atmos encoded signal out of the rendering software to the receiver?

Thanks and Cheers!

Hi there,  

The Production Suite can only output PCM via Core Audio and there is no way to get more than 8 channels of PCM into most AVRs.    It looks like the Yamaha only has unbalanced stereo analog inputs.

There is no realtime encoding to a compressed bitstream in the renderer software and even if there were, there is no way to output a compressed bitstream via HDMI directly from MacOS.

To playback a mix via an Atmos enables AVR you would need to use the mp4 export function and play that through the AVR.  This can be done via sideloading the mp4 file onto a USB drive connected to a Blu-Ray player in bitstream passthrough mode.   Or with some tweaking using an AppleTV 4k and Airplay from the mac.    However,  none of these are realtime solutions for monitoring your mix.  

You will need an alternative monitoring system to get 7.1.4 PCM from your core audio interface to your speakers.

Hope this helps.



Bummer, I was afraid this was going to be the case.  Well thanks for the response, much appreciated.  I guess I'll just have to mix with headphones then export to mp4 to check my mix for the time being.



hi Jason, I wonder how would you get the spatial effect in your headphones?

Hi Jack, you are correct, I tried but unfortunately I don't know of a true set of Atmos headphones available yet.  Hopefully soon.  I was hoping to find a budget way into all this to start messing around with Atmos mixing, however it appears I will just have to fork out the money to do it right.  Good luck

Hi Gents,

The Dolby Atmos Renderer outputs binaural over headphones so can get you started with mixing in Atmos.   There are some knowledge articles about mixing with headphones here:

A reference 7.1.4 mix room would of course be a good idea but shouldn't keep you from getting started.



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