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Renderer Stops During Recording - Dolby Audio Bridge & LTC Plugin

 Hi all, on two occasions this week I've had the DAPS renderer stop recording whilst trying to record a master - I'm using a completely in-the-box setup with Pro Tools Ultimate Native 2020.5 feeding DAPS via the Dolby Audio Bridge, including LTC using the Dolby LTC Generator plugin. I know I'm not along too - a colleague of mine has also seen the same problem using a similar setup.

I'm recording 90 tracks, and at first I thought it might have been related to HDD access speeds, but after switching the record drive to an SSD the problem still persists.

I have seen the problem when recording 'wild' (ie without pre-setting record in/out points) and when setting record in/out points.

What's frustrating is that there is no feedback from the software that recording has stopped - it's only when checking the master file back that you realise it didn't make it to the end. Some sort of dialogue or warning that said "Recording stopped due to XYZ" would at least save the time of getting to the end of a real before starting again.

MacOS 10.14.6

Pro Tools Ultimate Native 2020.5

DAPS 3.4.0_5318573

Hi James, 

Sorry to hear you are running into issues.   Can you please open the logs folder from the Renderer Help>Open Logs Folder and open the RendererApp.log and RendererApp.log.1 and see if you can identify the error and copy/paste.

Did you happy to notice the level of the CPU meter while recording?   And also if either the CPU or Drive status indicator turned red?   Also was this recording at 48kHz or 96kHz?

A few best practices beyond what are already doing using a separate drive are to turn off re-render processing and also speaker or headphone processing (whichever isn't being used) during printmastering.

Point taken on the lack of feedback.   The record light will go out but a dialog box would be helpful.   I will re-raise this with the team.

Thanks for your prompt replay Adam - and thank you for pointing out how to get to the logs. I was wondering about that ;)

I think this is the culprit:

2020-08-20 17:15:55 ERROR RendererExecutive - Audio device underrun
2020-08-20 17:15:55 ERROR AudioEngine - TC discontinuity. Expected: 738949010 actual: 738949522

I assume this error means I ran out of CPU?

I didn't notice the CPU meter, nor the drive status indicator - I was watching the reel, not the renderer :)

I've posted as a feature request before to be able to record new audio to a master file that already exists, outside the master file's start and end timecodes - this is another excellent example as to why this would be a benefit. Saves me from having to start from the start again ;)

Hi James, 

What external hardware are you using? Have you tried the aggregate device setup as detailed in Chapter 10 of the Docs (or click Help/Renderer Guide and then search for aggregate device)? Ensure the setup is followed exactly, including correct order and drift correction settings. This will most likely resolve the issue you are seeing.

I will also bring up with the team the possibility of having a pop up on a TC discontinuity drop out.

Let me know how you get on.


Thanks for your reply Fin.

I am using a Metric Halo 2882 as my audio interface. I had not tried setting up an aggregate device as detailed in Chapter 10 - I have since set this up and will see if this fixes the issue.

A pop up window regarding dropouts would be super helpful


We are also facing the issue, render stops at every 1m 30 sec approximately.

Mac OS 10.14.6

PT 2020.5

DAPS 3.4.0

I have attached the log file for your reference.

Please advise to solve the issue



What external hardware are you using? Have you tried the aggregate device setup as detailed in Chapter 10 of the Docs?

Seeing these new posts made me realise that I hadn't updated the forum; apologies. For the record, I made the changes as suggested by Fin and I've not seen the problem since

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Thanks Fin,

As your advise, I followed Doc and rectified the issue.

Also Thanks to James.

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