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Binaural Rendering


one interesting issue that grabbed my attention when viewing the Atmos Deeper Dive webminar, was someone mentioning that a direct feed of the headphone´s output from the renderer, while on binaural emulation mode, was streamed to clients for approvals during the lockdown. That´s interesting.

So, as I understood, there´s no specific Re-render for Binaural on the Renderer. Binaural rendering information is exported on the BWF ADM file with metadata. If the end device doesn´t have the provision to decode the resulting encoded AC4 IMF file as for example Tidal, there´s no binaural rendering for the listener on headphones. True?

OK, so, if someone wants to deliver, say, a podcast with a binaural version of an Atmos mix, to a platform that does not have Atmos, for example Spotify, printing the output of the headphones bus on the renderer will give the same results? Meaning, there would be no need to decode the metadata to achieve binaural?

I´m asking this because I use Dear VR Pro to encode binaural mixes, but the plugin doesn´t accept multichannel audio input other than 2 channels. Being able to generate a binaural "ready" file out of an Atmos mix using the DAPS would be great.

Any intention of including a raw binaural specific re-render on the Renderer in a future version, for delivery of binaural to non Atmos platforms? Thanks in advance for any insights :-).


Hi Paulo, 

The binaural re-render is labelled BIN the layout drop down when setting properties for re-renders. See screen shot.

Hope this helps


Hi Paolo,    There already is a BIN (Binaural) re-render available among the re-render formats the is rendered according to the Binaural Render Mode settings so you can do this now. This will output 2-channel PCM at which point it is available to be streamed and packaged for mix approval or even distribution.

None of this involves encoding from a Dolby Atmos master file like encoding to AC4 IMS.    The use of the Binaural re-render to 2 channel PCM for distribution outside the AC4 IMS ecosystem is possible but not entirely recommended as the Binaural re-render might wind up on speakers whereas an AC4 IMS decode will be optimized for either speaker or headphone playback on a given device.  In the case of a podcast ideally you'd want to make Stereo and Binaural available.

The use of the Binaural re-render for remote mix approval is among the many ways to go about this and may be acceptable for some projects and customers and not others.

Hope this helps.



Hi Fin and Adam, thanks for the explanation. I´m aware that binaural on speakers often doesn´t work ( I had lousy experiences as well ehehe), but it´s good to have a binaural re-render in the renderer for specific jobs, even if obviously it´s not the same thing as AC4 IMS that adapts to the receiving device status, being it speakers or headphones.

What kind of HTRF do you use under the hood for the binaural rendering? Would it be possible in the future to load a personalised .sofa file in the renderer? 

Hi Paulo,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.   Personalized HTRF is under investigation.  



Hi Adam,

thanks for the reply. Looking forward to developments on the binaural side :-)

All the best,


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