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Mono re-render format

Pretty simple really - just that! An option to re-render in mono would be a big help in terms of managing deliverables quickly and easily

Hi James, 

We will look into this request, would you be looking to sum more than one channel to mono, or a simple 1to1 channel to re-render export? What is your current work around to deal with this delivery spec?


Thanks Fin,

For me specifically this comes from the need to be supplying a mono dialogue stem to the editorial department during the temp mix & pre-mix processes. So it would need to sum the dialogue group (bed plus any objects) into mono. A mono dialogue stem is sometimes also requested as a helper track for foreign language M&E deliveries.

You also raise a good point regarding 1to1 channel export and I'm sure that others would have a usage for exporting individual object channels as mono too - I could imagine this would be useful in the preparation of immersive formats other than Dolby Atmos. This however is not something I have personal experience with so I'm not fit to comment.

Current work around for creating the mono fold is to export the stereo re-render and then fold that to mono using a third party utility.

Hi James, 

Understood. I'll add it the feature request list. By third party do you mean Pro Tools?

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