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Control Surface support for punch in/out

It'd be great to be able to connect some external hardware to help managing punching in/out. A few possibilities spring to mind: MIDI control / HUI & EUCON. 

'Tangible' access to the record button, source toggle (input/master) and Mute & Dim would be awesome! A simple MIDI learn feature would allow you to connect any midi controller and get the job done. You could even go all out & assign the volume attenuation to a MIDI fader for physical control of the monitoring level

Hi James, 

Thanks for the feature requests. Record arm, source toggle, dim mute etc will be available as short-cut keys in the next Renderer update, hopefully this will help in some way to relieve this pain point. We may be looking into fully enabling external hardware controllers in future releases.

Thank you

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Thanks Fin - the reason for the request is to avoid having to change application focus from Pro Tools to DAPS, and in this regard I'm not sure that a keyboard shortcut would help, as you'd still need to switch applications. Unless there was a way for DAPS to respond to keyboard shortcuts whilst it was not in focus?

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