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Allowing pasting of text when creating a new master

 When giving a new master a name, it is currently not possible to paste text from the clipboard - would be great if we could

This is definitely possible and something I did just 4 minutes snd 13 seconds ago. Which version and what are you trying to paste?

Right you are! Just double checked and realised that the text I was trying to copy-paste contained what is obviously a disallowed character to DAPS: [ & ]

I was trying to copy-paste the naming structure as used by editorial: [J]_R06_034.03b_20200901 - you can see why I wanted to copy-paste this as it's not very memorable! If I make my selection to exclude the square brackets then it worksf

It's a catchy title. :)

Thanks for the feature request posts, good to see them coming in from the community. Keep it up!

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