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Protools crashed when I using the Dolby Audio Bridge as an aggregate device


I using an external hardware as the clock source (HDX) for my setup. I follow the Dolby Atmos Renderer Guide (p141), create the Input and Ouput Aggregate ect.. But when I lauch Protools, it is crashed with this message :

"Protools cannot communicate with Dolby Audio Bridge. Please quit Protools, reconnect tge unit, and then relaunch Protools."

Mac OS 10.13.6

Protools Ultimate 2020.9.1




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Hi Lisa,

When setting up the aggregate input the order in which the devices are selected under the "use" column determine which devices will appear to Pro Tools first.    The pictures look right but don't indicate what order they were selected in.

When setting up the aggregate input click/select "use" Dolby Audio Bridge before Avid HDX.    The table in this article may help.



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