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EuControl Monitoring Section integration w/ DAPS

Just a thought: Any chance of Eucon support of the Dolby Atmos Renderer Attenuation section tying in with the Monitoring tab of the Avid Control App / Dock Monitor knob? Would be GREAT to control the Dim/Mute Attenuation and Beds/Objects from the iPad on a Dock. Not sure how difficult it would be to add Eucon support, but could then lock the monitor section in EuCon to Dolby Atmos Renderer and the rest to Pro Tools.


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HI Korey, 

Sorry for the delay in anyone getting back to you. Just to say we are constantly looking into ways to improve the workflows so do keep the comments coming, they really are very much appreciated. We are also in communication with Avid about how best to achieve improvements for all users. In the meantime 3.5 does add short-cut keys for some of this functionality, I hope this goes a small way to improving things in the short term.


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