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Re-visit customizable limiter for offline re-renders / same TP for all formats?

Recently finished a project. I have a master fader for each of the beds and each object going out of PT set for -2.3 True Peak. In the loudness section in the DAPS (thanks SO much for adding this) at the end of the master print, the True peak is -2.1 for ATMOS and -1.0 for Stereo. When I export offline 5.1 and 2.0 re-renders, they are showing a True Peak of 0. As a "hot fix," I just hit them will Nugen ISL w/ a -2 TP, which sounds fine and what I delivered to client, but wondering two things:

1) Why is the re-render TP -2.1 for ATMOS and -1 for stereo, but stereo and 5.1 re-renders are at 0?

2) If possible, would be great to just set the True Peak to -2 (or -8 or -10, still have those every once and awhile) and have that apply across all formats?

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