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newbie dolby atmos renderer + pro tools question


trying to get familiar with the dolby atmos renderer + pro tools ultimate workflow and i have 2 questions:

1. in the pro tools object panel, you can toggle the object track between 3 object control mode, one of them is the record mode which pro tools pdf says "Use this mode in a re-recording workflow to record pan automation sent from a Master panner on the network." what does that mean exactly? what master panner are they talking about? putting the object track into this mode stops it from passing audio to the renderer but also doesn't record any automation move so I am confused as to how this mode fits into the work flow. 

2. I can assign a mono audio track in protools to an object directly to the DAPS or I can route it to a 7.1.2 pro tools aux track which outputs to a 7.1.2 bed into the DAPS and in both cases I am able to perform the same panning. what exactly do I lose if I route an audio track to an 7.1.2 aux first before going into the DAPS vs assigning the audio track directly into the DAPS via assigning an object?  

Hi Michael,

1. There are three Object Control Modes: Master, Record and Off.

  • Normal operation for writing panning metadata to the connected Dolby Atmos Renderer is Master (Green)
  • Record mode (red) is used to record panning metadata as automation when using multiple Pro Tools systems connected to the same Dolby Atmos Renderer.    One Pro Tools system is designated a recorder and "records" the panning metadata (along with the audio) from other Pro Tools systems.   If you are using the Production Suite Renderer locally on your Mac you don't have a regular need for Record mode.
  • Off is commonly used when you want to assign audio on two or more object tracks to a common Object but only have all the audio follow the panning from one object track in Master mode.   There are multiple ways to do this using sends as well.
2.   7.1.2 is just that.   You only have left and right in the "Z" or height axis.   No front or back control.  You will see it in the panner but not in the Object view in the Dolby Atmos Renderer.    For pans requiring more precision including the ability to pan front to back in the Z axis you should use audio Objects.

Hope this helps.


HI, Adam 

thanks for the explanation.

as to the aux bed vs object question:  other than the height front and back panning I'll be losing, if I am staying just in the normal 7.1 field, my aux bed panning vs object 7.1 panning should be the same?  


Hi Michael,

Yes that is correct.    The choice of whether to use a Bed or an Object is entirely yours and made easier with the bus/object toggle in Pro Tools.

Some mixers only use Objects for specific use cases where the granularity is needed.   Others use Objects exclusively.   In some cases Beds are used more for existing stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 content (or upmixed to 7.1.2) and reverb returns with additional mono or stereo elements using Objects.

It is really entirely up to the mixer and there are no right or wrong choices.   It is fine to use Objects with audio that doesn't use elevation.  On the flip side there are some controls that aren't available if using an Object.   For instance if you want to use divergence controls you should probably use a 7.1 Bed.



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