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Live Re-render playback causes feedback

I am having an issue that every time I activate live re-render, the playback causes feedback of varying degrees.  I have double checked both the PT i/o and dolby audio bridge and I don't see at any point where the feedback would've occurred.

my set up is as follow:

in PT i/o

Ch 1-30 beds

ch 31-128 objects

ch 129 empty

ch 130 LTC

DAPS input:

ch 1-30 beds

ch31-128 objects


speaker set up = only 2 ch stereo speaker

routing: 1-2 for speaker,  13-14 for headphone.  Re-render ch: 17-128

monitoring : stereo speaker

DAPS audio driver:

audio driver: core audio

input device: dolby audio bridge

output device: Aggregate output  (consist of 2 ch of my focurite scarlet interface and 130 ch of dolby audio bridge)

if I don't activate live re-rendering everything plays fine with no glitches, but as soon as I assign live re-rendering, the playback introduces feedback.

as a test, i played a simple stereo music track through object 127-128 and DAP shows that only input 127-128 are receiving signal, but when I activate re-render, it shows that 127-128 and 41-42 are all receiving signal, and depending on what ch I choose for the live re-rendering, the degree of feedback varies, but I don't understand at what point in my signal chain the feedback is occuring.

I'm afraid that live re-rendering is not possible with the Dolby Atmos Production Suite and the Dolby Audio Bridge. You will get constant feedback like you are already experiencing.

You can monitor how re-renders would sound by changing the monitoring selection in DAPS and then quickly create off-line re-renders when happy with your mix.

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hey, Richard, thanks for the explanation, I've found a workaround for it by replacing the dolby audio bridge as playback device.

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