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How to deal with traditional mono to stereo out ( or ) stereo to stereo out ( non multichannel capable ) spatial Fx RETURNS like DELAYS , REVERBS etc. and some rhythmic Fx RETURNS like AUTO PANS , MODULATORS etc in an OBJECT BASED Dolby Atmos M

Sir , I recently started mixing my music in Dolby Atmos at an institutional level and its been a profound introduction and a heart felt experience with the demos that i have been thru in terms of what atmos can offer with the depth and dynamics of a mix. And my learning  experience with the DAPS tool is great so far . I have also realized that there is no need for using these plugins like compressors , eqs and limiters especially to fit the elements in my mix because Atmos is able to preserve the full dynamics of my mix and frequency masking is no more problems....So i am able to unlock the true potential of my mix . 
      On the other hand unlike in traditional stereo mixing where we were used to buss some mono-stereo delays , reverbs etc. stuffs like that and then compressing them ...which  were of course some massive limitations in our past in terms of creativity and space exploration but now with Dolby Atmos there is no such and its great !. 
      And here is the problem comes for me ...all of my purchased Fx plugins are just limited to stereo output and not multichannel , for example lets consider some of the bundles out there like "sound toys"  or "cable guys"  or even much of my pro tools native  plugins . But in most scenarios these effects will be happening in 360 space for example lets consider a multitap slap delay case where i want it to ping pong from front to back via overheads . How can i create such cool stuff's with those traditional plugins ? I know that there are some multichannel plugins available in few like " stratus 3d"  but still most plugins are not capable for such.
     So at this point i feel like stuck and as of now i am just simply assigning my Fx returns as some stereo objects instead and just duplicating them from front to back as 3 pairs ...( just the same effect spread which is not i want to convey my story telling ) . 
     In this regard would you like to help me by sharing some of the general mixing tips when approaching such scenarios ? Or how can i make those stereo Fx returns work effectively in Atmos ( want to convert those available stereo Fxs into a 7.1.2 bed ) while using objects for panning and things like that .... 
      I will be very thankful for the guidance you provide and shall deliver my best mixes possible over Atmos.


There are quite a few plug-ins that work in 7.1.2.   There is a list over on the DUC that is worth having a look at

For existing stereo plugins an upmixer like Halo by Nugen can be deployed with diffuse sources like stereo reverb returns.

Otherwise returning them to objects and panning the objects, using size, etc. can achieve a lot and act with very precise placement in the Atmos soundfield.

There are also some plug-ins, like Slapper, where you get multiple outputs of a tapped delay that you can then turn into multiple objects instead. There are some other cool things you can do using something like Gaffel, which when put on 4 tracks can split the signal into 4 outputs which you can then turn into objects and spread around the room.

The Dolby Atmos Music Panner has a sequencer function that can also be used to achieve some very unique automated object panning following user drawn paths for ping ponging delays.    This might be worth a look.  Unlike some of the above suggestions this is also free  :).   You can get that here:

Hope this helps.

Adam @ Dolby

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Thanks a lot for providing info on those multichannel capable plugins and Yeah it's worth noted to give them a try. Also downloaded your tempo based rhythmic 3d panner. For all my existing non 3d capable plugins , I decided to buss my stems to 9 diffrent parallel mono strips where I could instantiate 9 different variations of the same plugin ( not too dramatic ). Now I can place those 1 fx in - 9 variations out objects anywhere in space .
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