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New to Dolby Atmos, not getting any Playback and I'm also not seeing any input levels within the Renderer

Hello, I need some assistance in getting playback through headphones or 2.0 monitor set up and I am also not seeing any input level in the Atmos Renderer. I am using The Dolby Atmos Production Suite. I am running Atmos in Pro Tools Ultimate version 2020.9.1 

I have a Macbook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) 

Pro Tools is set up to use the Dolby Atmos Bridge Playback engine. Atmos is enabled in the Peripherals and the I/O outputs. I am using Atmos templates to work faster since I am working on a project that is due in December for school. The I/O settings are based on the Dolby Atmos Renderer MONO or STEREO. 

The Dolby Atmos Renderer is set up to use Core Audio & the Dolby Atmos Bridge with the output set to my Scarlett Solo USB. I do have setup that The Dolby Atmos Renderer is able to use my Microphone as well. 

 Both apps are set to 48K and 23.976 timecode.

I would recommend starting with a new session to test your routing. Try creating a blank session without using a template and see if you can route bed audio from Pro Tools to the Production Suite. 

Hi Roberto,

Also please verify that the Dolby Atmos Renderer has access to the microphone in system preferences per this article:

Without this step you won't be able to get any input to the Renderer.


Adam @ Dolby

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