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Dolby Atmos Music Suite Plug in and renderer computer and OS Specs

Hi, Thanks for the support, amazing work! Terrific plug in. I am starting to learn more about Dolby Music production suite and the Dolby Atmos Renderer. I am excited to be able to buy the right computer making sure that it has all the right specs and all that I would need. Do you happen to have a spec sheet for Computer and OS Compatibility. I just need to know all that I would need to assure that the computer I choose to buy runs smoothly with no issues. I am planning on working in Nuendo 10 using the Dolby Audio Bridge feature as to avoid the delay comp problems with pro tools using the audio buses for routing. Since I am hoping to run everything including the panner, and the renderer all in a the same lap top with the Nuendo. I want to make sure that everything else runs smoothly within Windows 10 OS system which Im leaning towards at the moment because PC has other softwares and features, that the macbook pro 16 does not support. So my main question is does Dolby Music production suite and Atmos Renderer run smoothly on a Lap Top with all the right specs and using with Windows 10. Thank you so much! For all you help!!!

Hello Angel! The Dolby Atmos Production Suite and the Dolby Atmos Music Panner are both only available for Mac-OS. So you can’t run them on a Windows Laptop. I have seen them running smoothly on current MacBook / MacBook Pro models, on current iMacs and of course on MacPros (Both, “Trashcan” and the new model-line). Keep in mind that the Dolby Atmos Production Suite shares the computer with your Nuendo - so how much CPU and RAM you need depends largely on how big and complex your Nuendo projects are. Best, David
Thanks so much David, great to know! Is a huge help to be aware of this! Im going to have to purchase two separate laptops it seems for my work flow, a mac for just the audio production and rendering of Dolby Atmos with the music production suite in the Mac, which is the only option as of right now. And to use a PC, which for what I understand is possible to create Dolby Vision content inside of a Professional Video Editing software like Davinci Resolve 16 by using aupported third party Dolby Vision Mastering tools? So that I can create a Master File with both Dolby Atmos | Dolby Vision I want to be extremely sure that this is possible. So the question becomes can I create Dolby Vision content in a PC? And add the rendered ADM BWF file from my mac inside of Davinci Resolve 16 (professional editing software). And By using one of the third party supported mastering tools I could create a Master file with both Dolby Vision | Dolby Atmos? I am still learning about the Dolby Vision side of things, not very sure if there is a Dolby Vision license I would need in order to be able to make Dolby Vision Content inside of the box? to go along with my Dolby Atmos Mix from the production suite. My hopes being to be able to upload this content on Amazon HD, and Tidal or other supported Dolby Atmos | Vision streaming apps. Ok well that is it. Won’t take to much more of your, valuable time. I thank you so much David God bless you. Very grateful for the work you guys are doing!

Hello Angel!

Yes, it is possible to run the Dolby Atmos Production Suite on a Mac, and your Nuendo on a PC. The two computers need to be in the same Network (to transmit Atmos object metadata), and in addition you need to physical transmit up to 128 channels of Audio between the computers. Very common is to do the audio connection via DANTE. But MADI, Ravenna or other digital audio formats work as well, depends on your interfaces and studio infrastructure.

Did you had a look at our Webinars on "Setting up your Studio"?

Regarding Dolby Vision:

Tidal and Amzon HD are streaming *music* in Dolby Atmos - you can´t deliver Dolby Vision content to these services.

This forum is on Dolby Atmos only - if you want to learn more on Dolby Vision please have a look on these pages:

Best, David

Hey David! Thank you so much for you quick response. I am glad to hear I could link my Nuendo workflow on my PC to a Mac running The Production Suite. This would be lighter on the CPU usage aswell. It can possibly give me a better workflow. I appreciate the comment with the additional hardware I would need to make this possible. My question becomes which of these hardwares, I can use to make this link between the two computers portable if possible without bulky equipment like the Madi. I know very lttle about any other available options? I just dont want to be carrying a Madi or a Dante along with my laptops. Any suggestions? In setting up on the go, and not have to carry bulky equipment. Thank you so much David!
Hello Angel! I quickly wanted to add that running the Production Suite on a separate machine is not “officially tested” by us (you won’t find the config in the manual). however I have seen it working stable in several studios. As for a lightweight interface between your PC and Mac, have a look at the DANTE VIRTUAL SOUNDCARD. In addition, you will need an interface for your Mac that supports the number of speakers you have (I.e. 7.1.4).
Wow! Thanks so much David that little Dante software right there looks amazing! With that little thing I saw connected to an ethernet port converter Usb c, since neither of the laptops in my workflow have built in ethernet ports I could get the two working simultaneously now that is a thing of beauty!!! As far as my interface goes for the mac I will take note of that, but for the moment being. I was planning on doing all my mixes using the binauraly renderer, and headphones, Trying to keep everything as mobile as I can. But definetly very good to know! I might have a little trouble finding an interface thats compact with that many out puts for speaker, if you have any suggestions let me know it seems the more outputs needed for speakers the bulkier they make the interfaces and heavy to not very portable. But if I do decide to turn my extra room into an atmos studio setup. That is good to know that I would need. However for a binaural workflow of mixing on headphones any suggestions there? How would I go about connecting a pair of Dolby Atmos headphones to my rig? I was planning on buying a pair of Dolby Dimension headphones but I wasnt sure if I could use them with the Dolby Music Production Suite. Also would it be possible to connect an Atmos Bar from the Mac Books built in Audio Card to monitor my Mix from the Renderer? Thanks so much David you have been terrific with all this!!! Great Job I am very grateful for all your support!

Hi Angel!

The Webinar I linked above mentions some interfaces with 12+ outputs.

You could also look into going DANTE out of the Mac and purchase a DANTE-to-Analog converter to go to the speakers. (again, the choice of devices is limited but there are a few).

enjoy checking out Dolby Atmos, best, David

Hey David thanks for the webinar link. I saved that I know it probably answers some of my other questions. I will check that out in the future and also check the interfaces you mentioned now. I thank you so much. I hope Im not bothering in regards to my previous question about the Binaural Headphone Rendering Workflow. In the rendering could I use Dolby Dimension headphones to listen to the renderer mix playback, or would Dolby Atmos Headphones, would not be able to monitor the binaural mix? Would it make any difference using a regular pair of headphones to monitor the renderer? Im not sure if I could connect Dolby Dimension headphones to the renderer to monitor the mix. And in regards to adding a Dolby Atmos soundbar connected to the mac, running the renderer would the atmos bar be able to accuretly reproduce Atmos Sound being monitored in the renderer? Thanks so much David

Sorry, missed that part of the question.

Our binaural headphone rendering happens in the software. As such, your choice of headphones doesn´t matter. I recommend a good quality, linear sounding headphone that you´re comfortable wearing for longer periods of mixing time.

I don´t have any experience with the Dolby Dimension Headphones, can´t comment on those.

Thanks so much David! For that quick clarification, I think for now I have a clear idea on how to tackle setting up everything for my workflow. I wanted to ask you would I be able to I came accross the Dolby On App! I haven’t truly explored its capabilities will potentially I be able to upload an ADM BWF within a Dolby Vision file using this app? And potentially send other Dolby Vision files to others by linking them to the videos and the app? If so this is a total game changer! I have to research more of its capabilities at the moment but I thought I could get your input, since you had previously mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to share a Dolby Vision | Atmos file through Tidal or Amazon HD. Thanks so much David you have truly helped me so much. God Bless you
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