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DAPS set to work Natively and not use HDX DSP

I upgraded from a Native Pro Tools rig to an HDX2 system with the express purpose of having more power for Atmos mixing. Sadly as we know, Dolby Atmos Production Suite turns an HDX system right back into a Native system when in use on the same computer. Is there any possibility of being able to use my HDX DSP for mixing instead of just routing into the Dolby Audio Bridge? Purchasing another Pro Tools system is just too expensive to many of us mixing at home. Please consider making DAPS work in a Native way so we can use our HDX DSP for what it was intended for.

Thank you.

Hi Carlos,   You can use the Renderer Send and Renderer Return plug-ins to maintain access to HDX DSP processing.   However if you do you you lose Automatic Delay Compensation for your plug-ins as the send to the Renderer is upstream from the output of Pro Tools.   That is the trade-off.   Most people opt for using the Dolby Audio Bridge as the playback engine to for the simplicity of the I/O and to keep Automatic Delay Compensation but in doing so lose the HDX DSP processing.    To maintain both HDX DSP processing and Automatic Delay Compensation requires running the Renderer on a separate workstation as either the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite or the Dolby Atmos Production Suite.



Thanks for the response Adam. So there is no plan to update DAPS to work in this way? I can't lose ADC in my mixes, so that's not an option for many of us working in Post.

H Carlos,

Understood that working without ADC isn't that practical.   It isn't really up to us.  It is an architecture design in Pro Tools. If the Playback Engine is set to HDX the only way to feed the Renderer is via a send which is upstream from ADC. 


Hey Adam,

Gotcha, thanks for clarifying. I'll go bug the guys at Avid! Lol. Could you guys maybe start inquiring with Avid about making an architectural change in order for DAPS to work downstream from HDX? There would be a lot of satisfied customers if that could work!

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