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Dolby Atmos studio Setup

Please, I want to set up a Dolby Atmos Studio from scratch and I don't know the set of equipment that makes up a good Atmos Studio. I'm going for the 7.1.4 setup. I need a simple and affordable setup that Netflix, Amazon, Apple can work with. If I can get the list of equipment I need, I can go and source the cost myself and the setup. JBL monitors in mind but, if there are better ones, I don't mind. I prefer the most affordable setup. Kindly help me. thank you.

Hi Anu,

If you are starting out from scratch I'd recommend that you download the trial version of the Dolby Atmos Render with the Production Suite license for use on the same workstation as Pro Tools Ultimate or Steingberg Nuendo 10.   If you start with the Production Suite than all you need is a core audio interface that can output 12 channels for (7.1.4) to drive your amps/speakers or powered speakers.   Volume control can be via the Renderer UI or the the core audio interface directly in some cases.   There are many core audio interfaces that could be used for this purpose.  A few examples in no order of preference would be  - Focusrite 16Line, Universal Audio Apollo, Metric Halo LIO-8,  Avid MTRX Studio.   Some can integrate monitor control and in some cases EQ.   Dedicated monitor controllers can be used but increase your overall budget.   Dedicated monitor controllers in no order of preference include:  Avid MTRX with SPQ option, MTRX  Studio,  JBL Intonato, QSC  Q-Sys,  BSS Soundweb, Yamaha etc.  Speakers selection depend on taste and the size of the room to make sure you can achieve reference listening level.   JBLs are popular as are Genelec but there are many manufacturer who make speakers that can be used in a 7.1.4 speaker consideration.  

A few good articles to read that might help you come from our friends at Pro Tools Expert

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much, Mr. Adam. I would like to have your email address, if you don't mind.

Hi Anu,   The forums are the best way to communicate as others can share their opinions and expertise. 

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