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DCDM Files and Dolby Atmos

Hi,simple question really ..we have a HT approved room with an RMU.We have to deliver a DCDM picture file with an Atmos mix, would I need to take my mix to a cinema approved room and generate an Atmos mfx file to go with the DCDM file ? Basically, how do I get my Atmos mix onto a DCDM file.


Hello Richard! Yes - only Theatrical (Cinema) Dolby Atmos mixing stages can create an Atmos MXF that can be put on a DCP for playback in cinemas. You can premix and prepare in your studio, but for final mix and mastering you need to go to one of these cinema Atmos mixing stages. These stages have a room size and speaker count that is the same as in actual Atmos cinemas. Best wishes, David

I thought as much...thanks.

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