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Renderer stops recording

The renderer goes out of record immediately after it starts. The time code in point is 00:00:00:15 and the point that it drops out is 00:00:0016. Ive created new master files and no matter where I set the in point, it immediately drops out after the same amount of time. Once this happens, the renderer can still go into record but it does not seem to lock with pro tools anymore and does not record. It was working fine last week. The only thing that has changed is I updated to pro tools 2020.11 on one of my computers. When I go to my other workstation that is not updated, the problem is still there. 

Hello David! The renderer drops out of record, when it detects a frame rate discontinuity. This usually happens when the Framerate in the renderer isn’t the same as the Timecode in Pro Tools. Make sure to set the Framerate in the Renderer Preferences to the same value (24/25/23.98....) as in the Pro Tool Session Setup. Then create a new master file. Now, recording should work without dropouts. Best, David

Hi David,

I'd also suggest revising your session to start at 01:00:00:00 and giving the Renderer a few seconds of preroll without rolling over 23:59:59:xx.    Starting a session at 00:00:00:00 and giving the Renderer less than a second of preroll can be problematic.

If you really need your recorded master to start at 00:00:00:15 your can do that once your master in completed with the Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool.



Thank you both very much. This solved my issue.
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