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Mastering a BIN file

If I import a binaural render into pro tools in order to master it, does pro tools play that imported file as a binaural file or a stereo file? Im looking for information on how to master a binaural mix. Do I treat it the same way as I would a stereo mix or do I need the mastering suite? Thank you.

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Hi David,

Both a stereo re-render and a binaural re-render are two channel .wav.    Pro Tools is unaware if it is a stereo or binaural.   You can mix and monitor in binaural over headphones with the Production Suite.   The Mastering Suite isn't required.

The binaural render mode settings are written to the Master File and used in downstream encoding for online music services to Dolby AC-4 or Dolby Digital Plus.   The binaural re-render two channel .wav itself can be encoded but would likely not be compatible with monitoring over speakers.

Hope this helps.


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