During content creation the Dolby Atmos VR Renderer plays synchronously with the Dolby Atmos VR Player for creative changes to be made and auditioned in real time. Which means that the Dolby Atmos VR Player lets you listen to your Atmos mix content while wearing an Oculus Rift and watching the immersive video. The video will play via the VR Player running on the Rift-connected PC, and can be controlled by your ProTools machine using LTC in the case of RMU installs or network synchronization with the VR Renderer. 

This player can also be used in standalone mode to play back a final MP4 containing the immersive video and an encoded Dolby Atmos bitstream. Once media is transcoded a muxed video file (monoscopic equirectangular MP4) can then be loaded into the Dolby Atmos VR Player for auditioning of your final content.