The Dolby Atmos Production Suite allows for VR specific Re-renders to be made these include different B-Format flavors as well as channel based configurations that may be needed or desired for playback on non-Atmos enabled platforms or devices. 

The User guide has a lot of information about how to configure these but in short you select the format you wish to create in the Output page, tell the renderer what content is going to be present in that output set by clicking on the Groups section and selecting either Full Mix (for everything), All Scene Relative, All Head Relative or a custom group. In Pro Tools you would then setup input auxiliaries and set their Renderer Return to match the ReRender output listed in the output tab e.g. Rerender

You can then set up an audio track with the correct channel width (quad for example for a b-format). When you playback and record in Pro tools you should now see your mix being re-rendered in real-time to the specified format.