Bed audio output to the Dolby Atmos Renderer must use SMPTE channel ordering for 5.1 to 7.1.2 (L=1, R=2, C=3, Lfe=4, Ls=5, Rs=6, Lrs=7, Rrs=8, Ltm=9, Rtm=10).  If using the HDX, Native, or the Dolby Audio Bridge as the playback enginer in Pro Tools this must be configured in the output page of the I/O Setup.   Live Re-Renders require the same channel order if used and must be configured in the input page of the I/O Setup in Pro Tools.

If using hardware outputs or the Dolby Audio Bridge from Nuendo, SMPTE channel ordering for Bed audio is set in the Audio Connections window.  

If using the Renderer Send and Return plugins with the Dolby Atmos Production Suite in Pro Tools, this channel order must be using when using multichannel aux tracks to send Bed audio to the Renderer.    Sends should be assigned to the sends in the following channel order  L = Send 1, R = Send 2, C = Send 3, LFE = Send 4, Lss = Send 5, Rss = Send 6, Lrs = Send 7, Rrs = Send 8, Lts = Send 9, Rts = Send 10.   When using a multi-channel aux track "unlink" to assign each channel to the appropriate send from the channel drop down menu under the link button.    Speaker outputs from the Renderer using mutlichannel aux tracks must use the same channel order.