Panning in 360 video needs to be much more precise than in other forms of media as the scene relativity of sound sources is of greater importance than in traditional media markets, dialog for characters from the character rather than often locked to center channel for example. This means that a larger proportion of a mixers time might be spent panning than they previously have. Accurately placing objects on their corresponding video elements even with a matching Equirectangular grid is often a lot of trial and error. 

Having the ability to see an object on top of the video that is being mixed is often useful. Using some widely used plugins it is possible to approximate this functionality using Dolby Atmos VR Panners. 

What you'll need

Dolby Atmos Panners - either XYZ or Spherical - in Equirectangular view
iZotope Insight


In your Pro Tools session load a 360 video file

Once loaded and spotted to the correct timeline location pull up your Dolby Atmos VR panner nearby.

Use the panner resize function to match as closely as possible the width of your Video Window.

Somewhere in your Session instantiate an iZotope Insight plugin and click on the Options button.

On the General tab of the Options window there is an Opacity control

As you lower this control the window will become more transparent.


Setting the Opacity control to around 40% is a good start. The 'hacky' part of this is that it actually changes the Opacity of every plugin in your Pro Tools session. 

Opening the Dolby Atmos VR Panners now results in a panner window you can see through.

The final step is to drag the Dolby Atmos Panner over the Video window

Try to position the equator line around about the equator line of the video. Small gaps around the top and bottom of the panner/video window are okay as they are North/South pole points and so are very small oscillations around the poles for even the most extreme panning moves. 

This is not a perfect solution but it can be workable.