Dolby AC-4 has been standardized for most container formats used today:

  • Like Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby AC-4 can be carried over AES3 using formatting as per SMPTE ST-337. This extends to carriage over SDI (Serial Digital Interface) and its derivatives such as defined in SMPTE ST-2022-6.
  • Dolby AC-4 can be carried with compressed video in a similar way to other audio codecs. Dolby AC-4 is standardized in DVB for transmission in MPEG-2 transport streams and is the recommended audio format for ATSC v3.0 in North America. ATSC v3.0 uses either MPEG DASH streaming model with ROUTE for unidirectional delivery or the MPU (Media Processing Unit) streaming mode and (MPEG Media Transport Protocol) MMTP for unidirectional delivery.

When streamed over the internet, Dolby AC-4 can be carried via MPEG DASH and HTTP Live Streaming.