Yes. As long as multiple beds are not added, and as long as binaural metadata is not written to beds. 

  • Dolby Atmos Renderer v3.x. creates damf v.0.5 files 

  • Files created in  Dolby Atmos Production Suite v2.5.3 (damf v0.5) are compatible with the Dolby Atmos Renderer v3.0.0.  

  • Files created in Dolby Atmos Home Theater Renderer v1.7.2 (damf v0.4) are openable, playable and editable. The user is warned when unlocking that the file will not be backwards compatible with Dolby Atmos Home Theater Renderer v1.7.2 if multiple beds are added. 

  • Files created pre Dolby Atmos Home Theater Renderer v1.7.2 (damf v0.3) are opened as read only 

  • The Dolby Atmos Renderer v3.0.0 has the ability to write binaural metadata into bed channels. The resultant file will be incompatible with Dolby Atmos Production Suite v2.5.3, Dolby Atmos Home Theater Renderer v1.7.2, Dolby Media Producer v2.3, This function has to be unlocked by the user in the binaural metadata window.