To avoid inconsistencies in Loudness Measurement at different stages of the workflow a loudness specifc re-render has been developed and should be used if loudness measurement is performed externally via a standalone app or DAW plugin.  Specifically this re-render employs a limiter to accurately reflect the loudness measure used in our encoding solutions.

 As the encoders also perform loudness measurement when setting the dialnorm metadata value it is important to use an "apples to apples" approach.   If a standard 5.1 re-render is used for loudness measurement with external applications and plug-ins,  the loudness measurement and peak values could diverge from the measurement performed in the encoder.   The loudness re-render should be used to avoid inaccurate measurements and content rejections during the QC process.    The limiter used is the same limiter available for use on the monitor outputs of the renderer and is used to avoid clipping.