Some users have been experiencing an issue where their Focusrite PCIeR card is not available for selection as an audio device after a reboot or startup of their Mac Rendering and Mastering Workstation. It is still present in Rednet Control and Dante Controller connected via ethernet, but not in Audio Midi Setup or System Preferences, which depend on connection via Thunderbolt.


One known workaround is to hotplug the Thunderbolt cable between the Mac and the expansion chassis at the Mac.


However, sometimes this is due to an issue with the Focusrite kernel extension not loading on startup. This can be addressed by manually loading the kernel extension after startup/reboot.


The attached automator applet will load the Focusrite kernel extension after startup/reboot.


When you run the applet it will ask for the password to elevate to administrator privileges, then run the command: ‘sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/FocusriteRedNetPCIe.kext’


You can also execute the aforementioned command from the terminal to manually load the kernel extension after startup/reboot.


This applet has not been officially qualified and is provided as is as a workaround.